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Book 2

Misty Falls Series

He’d mistakenly kissed the wrong twin once before. Could she fool him again? 

Mistaken Final

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Josie Williams has always been awkward and shy, preferring art and solitude to parties and chasing boys. The same cannot be said of her twin sister, Janine—her polar opposite in terms of everything but looks.

But this suits Josie perfectly fine. That is, until Aiden Phillips shows up. When her sister attracts the hot British boy, Josie feels real jealously—and resentment—toward her twin for the first time. Maybe that’s why, pretending to be Janine, Josie steals a kiss on prom night. A secret she keeps close for thirteen years.

Then Aiden unexpectedly comes back into their lives, picking up with Janine right where they left off. Josie tries to stay out of the way, as usual, but Janine soon asks for her help in deceiving Aiden. Against her better judgment Josie agrees, and suddenly it’s high school all over again.

As their attraction grows, Josie must decide if she will tuck the memories of these pilfered moments away once more . . . or follow her heart for the first time.