Available January 28, 2020

Book 4

The Miss Series

They were complete opposites. She was country; he’d never even been to the country.

Mismatched Cover 4

Yearning for her independence and heal a broken heart, Elsie Chambers, leaves the family ranch to move to Misty Falls, as far from home as she could afford. However, her overbearing parents follow her to the city and demand she return home to her responsibilities and to her former fiancé whose marriage would ensure doubling the family ranch. Unable to stand up to their domineering ways, she concocts a fake fiancé in hopes to fend off their constant harassment. When they demand to know his name, she spits out the first person who comes to mind: her irritating, obnoxious boss, Lyle Peterson. Believing they would return home and never meet him, fate, however, had other plans and before Elsie knew what happened, she was returning home to Oregon. With her fake fiancé in tow.

After being banished to his father’s corporate office in Misty Falls two years prior, Lyle would do anything to return to Manhattan and secure the partnership his father dangled between him and his half-brother. Lyle was certain the position was his especially after successfully acquiring one of the largest deals for his father’s firm in the purchase of a nuclear energy facility out west. However, protestors from a nearby town threaten to put a wrench in the takeover and to make matters worse, his father decides to send his half-brother to handle the situation. But fate unexpectedly manages to lean in his favor when his obnoxious and infuriating secretary needs a fake fiancé to accompany her to her hometown. The very town that could destroy all that Lyle ever wanted.