We are in lockdown here in Canada thanks to COVID-19 and this winter has been called the dark winter. Vaccines are on the horizon but until that happens, we just need to get through the winter safely and avoid getting sick. Our Prime Minister is promising that all Canadians will be vaccinated by September. That can’t come soon enough. I miss my little guy.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy with lambing and it has kept me occupied and busy.

Unfortunately, I’ve done little writing. I have to admit, that sales have been dismal. More so then usual. The fact that I’ve put a lot of time and money into my latest book is discouraging. I would love to focus all my time on writing, but when it doesn’t seem to pay off, it’s hard to continue. Perhaps once lambing is done, I can refocus and try again, but without sales, it just doesn’t seem worthwhile.

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