We are in lockdown here in Canada thanks to COVID-19 and this winter has been called the dark winter. Vaccines are on the horizon but until that happens, we just need to get through the winter safely and avoid getting sick. Our Prime Minister is promising that all Canadians will be vaccinated by September. That can’t come soon enough. I miss my little guy.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy with lambing and it has kept me occupied and busy.

Unfortunately, I’ve done little writing. I have to admit, that sales have been dismal. More so then usual. The fact that I’ve put a lot of time and money into my latest book is discouraging. I would love to focus all my time on writing, but when it doesn’t seem to pay off, it’s hard to continue. Perhaps once lambing is done, I can refocus and try again, but without sales, it just doesn’t seem worthwhile.

New Release!

I rewrote my previously published novella, Mistaken (Deceiving Love), into a full-length version and it is now available on Amazon! If you didn’t read the novella or are interested in reading the novel, here is a quick preview for you to enjoy!

Slipping on a bathrobe, she grabbed her wineglass and made her way out of the bathroom and toward the kitchen, where she fancied making herself some kind of comfort food. The only thing on the agenda that evening was wallowing in her self-pity.

Just as she passed the main corridor, the doorbell of Janine’s apartment rang out.

Without thinking, Josie stopped and quickly answered it, forgetting about her inappropriate attire. Once she had, though, she immediately regretted her decision, for Aiden stood on the opposite side of the threshold. An Aiden who looked far sharper than she had ever seen him before. He wore a finely woven wool suit and a crisp white shirt, topped with a black bow tie.

“You’re not dressed,” he said, snapping her out of her stunned stupor.

She glanced up to see an unmistakable spark enter his eyes as he scanned her attire. Self-conscious, she pulled the sides of her robe closer. “What are you doing here?”

“I told you I’d be coming by.”

“Yes, but I thought—” Janine was supposed to call him back. Dang, that girl!

He frowned. “You didn’t get my message?”

Josie frowned. “What message?”

Aiden chuckled. “I guess that explains why you never responded,” he said before shrugging. “Never mind. I’m here now, and have made reservations for us at The Boleyn.”

“The Boleyn? What for?” She knew of the upscale restaurant in town, but had never been.

He grinned. “To take you out for dinner, of course.”

“Really?” A rush of excitement had her standing slightly taller. Then she took note of the admiration oozing from his eyes, and just like that, the blood in her veins grew cold.

Of course, how foolish of her. He was there for Janine. With her hair swaddled in a towel and donned in a bathrobe, he had mistaken her for the wrong twin. Sad truth was, he would never look at Josie that way, or take her to a restaurant that probably cost more than her monthly grocery bill. For Josie, it was sausage on a bun from a hot dog stand.

Shoulders drooping, she went to correct him. “Look, Aiden—”

“You best get dressed. We’re running late, as I got held up in traffic.”

“Well, the thing is—”

He took a step forward, causing Josie to falter. Then, unexpectedly, he reached out and removed the wine glass still in her hand. “We can talk later. We’ve got plenty of time. I want tonight to be special.”


A certain look of ardor entered his eyes. “Unless you’d rather we stay home? You look awful welcoming in that robe.”

“Oh my,” she whispered, swallowing hard.

“I can think of a lot more fun ways to spend the evening that don’t include eating—or, at least, not food. So, unless you want to risk Josie walking in on us, that’s probably not a good idea.”

She blinked, a wave of coldness washing over her. For a brief moment, she had allowed herself to be drawn in by his heated look and seductive words, momentarily believing he truly wanted her. As in Josie, not Janine. But the reality was Aiden would never look at her that way.

Faltering, something overcame Josie that she could not explain. Then, taking a step back, she broke from his gaze and turned away. “I’ll be right back.”

She knew she should have told him the truth and not allowed him to continue believing she was Janine, but for that brief moment, he’d made her feel desirable. And it was like nothing she’d ever felt before. She’d certainly never experienced anything remotely similar with Ben. So, yes, perhaps a part of her wanted to feel that way again and, sadly, the only time Aiden found her desirable was when he believed she was Janine.

The reality was, once he married her sister, that would be the end of it. Never again would she have him look at her the way he looked at Janine. Speak to her the way he spoke to Janine. Cared for her the way he cared for Janine.

And though she desperately wanted Aiden for herself, the sister code prohibited her from ever pursuing him for herself. Only masquerading as Janine would she get the chance to be intimate with Aiden. So, what harm would it do to slip into her twin’s shoes one more time? Besides, if Janine had simply texted Aiden back as she had promised, he wouldn’t be standing on her doorstep now, looking at Josie as if he wanted to devour her.

I’m Blogging!

Hi, I’m Peggy Ann, but everyone just calls me Peggy. I am a mother, grandmother, sheep farmer, and romance writer…and not exactly in that order. I’ve been penning romances long before I had children. This blog is a way for me to share my love for all those mentioned above.